Do you want to be sure that your documents have the same meaning before and after translation?

Whichever area of life you work in or your business represents, your documents will be translated by professional translators who have expertise in the given subject. They will make sure that the translated document’s every bit makes perfect sense in the target language as well.

Red Hot Chili Peppers. There was a film in which the main character’s favourite band was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Whoever translated the film though cannot have been too familiar with rock music, which led to the band of four turning into the main character’s favourite food.

Misinterpretations like this occur in other kind of documents, not just films of course. Just think if this can happen in a popular band’s case, how many translated e.g. legal or any other specialised documents may contain similar mistakes. However, they only could contain these mistakes!

Because LETRA Translation Agency assigns the translator who has the most extensive knowledge of the subject of the translation in each case. Translation is also often preceded by a small-scale research, so you can receive a target document that conveys the same meaning as the original one did.