How can I order a translation?

You can bring in your order personally to our office, or send it by email (letra@e-letra.hu) or by post. To request an immediate quote, please attach the document or provide the number of words HERE.

How much time does the translation take?

Our standard price is for normal urgency (in our experience, this falls into high urgency category at other offices) for an approximate length of 5 standard pages (1250 words).

If you have a deadline approaching, we are happy to work on high-urgency translations for the next day (with a 50% surcharge) or even on the same day (with a 100% surcharge).

How much does translation cost?

Our standard price for English and German languages is HUF XXX/word translated (including VAT) for normal urgency projects (1250 words/working day), if you do not need a certified sworn translation. Our minimum project price is HUF XXX.

For official sworn translations, please request a quote.

What surcharges can I expect?

Our office only adds a surcharge for high urgency projects (see above). We apply no other surcharges (e.g., printing fee, documenting, editing, legibility difficulties, etc.)

How will I receive the translation?

You may pick up your translation personally at our office at your convenience, or we will send it to you as preferred by post or email.

What is the difference between a certified translation and an official sworn translation?

As per Section 5 of Decree 24/1986 (VI.26.) of the Council of Ministers on Technical Translation and Interpretation, certified translations, certification of translations and certified copies in a foreign language shall be made exclusively by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI). There is one exception to the rule: certified translations of certificates of incorporation, trade register data and corporate documents to any official languages of the European Union, because these translations may also be done by qualified translators.

Accordingly, our office accepts projects for sworn translations, as well as certified translations of certificates of incorporation, trade register data and corporate documents.

What does official sworn translation mean?

Each sworn translation is prepared and proofread by our qualified translators with a degree in translation, and is attested by LETRA Translation Agency to certify that the translated text is fully faithful to the original. We attach a clause to the sworn translation, certifying that it was prepared by a qualified translator/translator-reader contracted by our office, and stating that the translation is faithful to the original document in all respects. We also date, officially sign and stamp the document.

Where and how can I use the official sworn translation prepared by LETRA?

A certified sworn translation prepared by our company is not equivalent to a state certification, but in our experience of many years with translations, these sworn documents can be used for working abroad, studying abroad and in various official procedures.

The certification rights of OFFI Ltd. only apply to Hungary; as for certified translations accepted abroad, please inquire at the foreign authority.

Where and how can I NOT use the official sworn translation prepared by LETRA?

In Hungary it is prescribed by law that certified (OFFI) translations be made for recognition of diplomas and vital records procedures (birth, marriage, death).

How can I pay for the translation as a private individual?

In case you do not wish to pick up the translation personally at our office, we accept assignments with the following payment options:

- cash on delivery to the address provided;

- money transfer in advance (in this case, we will send the invoice in advance as required, and as soon as the bank confirms the money transfer we can send the translation by the prearranged date and method).

How can I pay for the translation as a regular business partner?

We offer the option of post-payment by wire transfer to our regular customers.

What is the difference between reviewing the translation and proofreading?

Our office reviews each translation, which means an in-house text proofing, primarily by MS Word spell check and eliminating minor errors, typographical errors and typos in numbers.

Proofreading is done by a native or qualified reader specialist for 50% of the translation price.

However, let us note that only a small percentage of our clients request proofreading of translations made by us, since in their experience the professional quality of our translations does not need a follow-up revision as most of our sub-contractors are natives.